Q & A
Q & A
Provide you with high quality, high standard and high efficiency outsourcing 3shape and Exo cad design service
A:Through cooperation with us, one-to-one consultation and service, we can provide personalized services to meet your different needs, while maximizing the workflow of your laboratory and improving work efficiency. We are keen to make everyone Everyone can easily enjoy digital dental services. B:Digital Design Outsourcing: We are a professional design team from China (GMT+8), specializing in digital design services with 7 years of experience. Collaborating with us is like having your own CAD design team in a distant country (China). We are dedicated to providing personalized and customized designs tailored to your workflow. With the time difference, you can receive completed designs by the next morning before you start your workday – just send us the cases you need designed before your end of the day!
Q: Design working time
A: We take advantage of time difference to send data to the complete form design before you leave work. We usually complete the design before you go to work and send it back to you.
Q: How to send files? What formats are supported?
A: WeTransfer Google Drive Dropbox; STL PLY DCM
Q: How to make payment?
A: We accept Paypal,Visa or Bank card
Q: How do I request a modification or redesign?
A: If your case has new requirements,and need make changes or redeisgn,Contact the person in charge of case communication, he will communicate with you in detail, we provide free modifications, if it is a relatively large change and you have to start the design from scratch, then we will redesign it according to the new requirements, which is equivalent to a new Case
Q: The difference between regular design and expedited design
A: Regular design involves sending me the cases before your end of the day, and I'll send back the completed cases to you the next morning. It's like taking a break overnight and getting some cases completed by the next day. If you need urgent design, we can arrange it for you with an additional expedited fee per unit. Typically, we'll send it back to you within 3 hours.
Your specialized Team for Dental CAD Design .
What we offer?
●Crowns/Veneers Design.and Metal Framework
●Abutment Design / Screw Retained Design / Full arch implant bridge Design.
●All on 4/6 / Thimble bar / Implant bar / Blender bar
●DSD / Mock Up / Diagnostic Wax Up / Denture Scanner.
●Bite splint  Nightguard / Surgical-guide.